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Cert III EAL (Access)

The Certificate III in EAL (Access) is designed for participants from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds to develop English,



  • International students looking to study English for further study in Australia

  • those who have immigrated to Australia and are longer term residents returning to study, to improve their English skills after having

  • previously worked in low skilled jobs or having been out of the workforce


The course focuses on the consolidation of English language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills so that participants can access a

range of further and vocational education options which may require some specialisation. Participants include those who have been out of the

workforce for a period and wish to further develop English language skills and research pathway options or seek employment.

Entry Requirements


The recommended entry level for this course is

  • ISLPR Level 2 or

  • IELTS score of 4.5 - 5 (Academic Module); or

  • Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) 2


LLN test to for VACTS to gain understanding of student ability and special requirements. The LLN has been designed for the CERT II and CERT III


Mode Of Delivery


This Course will be delivered entirely face to face with access to computers at the VACTS premises at 171 Sydney road, Coburg- 3058



This will be achieved by scheduling classes 20 Hrs  per week over 29 weeks.


The other days of the week may be used for private study time and extra tuition, if required.

Trainer will provide additional activities and self-learning from suggested texts for each unit . This will require an additional 490 hours of learning

and practice on the above units of competency.

Australian Year 12 Equivalent T level




VU21323           Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio


VU21465           Engage in casual conversations and straight forward transactions


VU21466           Give and respond to a range of straightforward information and instructions


VU21467           Read and write straightforward communications and transactional texts 


VU21468           Read and write straightforward informational and instructional texts


VU21470           Investigate issues in the Australian environment

VU21472           Investigate features of the education system in Australia


BSBITU201       Produce simple word processed documents

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